3D Art

I always have fascination with the ancient or medieval armor.  So I model this helmet with horn.  I did the studies and sketches of what I want it to look like.  The helmet didn't turn out exactly like the sketch, but it was because I discover new idea to add to it.  It is a mid high-res model and lighting done in Maya software. 

This compass was model and textured in 3D Max.  The assignment objectives was to take a material thing apart and model each pieces.  Afterward, I composite it as an instruction cover page manual layout spread.

This show the process I took to created this above full image.  I started with a sketch of a rocket.  From the sketch, I model the rocket in Maya, then textured and light it, also done in Maya.  Then I render out the rocket and composite it with the landscape image that I took with my phone, and then I add in the shadow in Photoshop. 

Internship work

These are a couple of work that I did for my internship with Red Fog Entertainment.  My assignment was to model and texture a soup-up 1960s gangster car.  The other assignment was to model and texture an art deco like temple like building.  What it made for was to use my models and paint over it and use it as a back drop scene for animations for the story of the Skull Face, an animated teaser. 

Other few model assignment that I did all using Maya software.

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